Raúl Moreno Yagüe - Jerez, Spain

Raúl Moreno Yagüe - Jerez, Spain

Raúl is a Sevillano who spent years managing the wine lists of some of the world’s best restaurants before becoming a winemaker. He is one of the sharpest winemaking minds I've ever met, combining a forensic knowledge of viticulture and wine science, and cellar experience gleaned from great wineries the world: Spain, France, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, the US, Georgia – he's been practically everywhere.

Raúl’s wines show amazing precision and individuality. They are made with low or no-added SO2 but are still fully expressive of the land and terroir of Jerez. They marry tradition (for example, the asoleo process of sun-drying grapes to concentrate flavour and alcohol; flor/biological ageing; ageing in old Sherry butts) with experimentalism (multi-region blends, long skin maceration, ageing in tinajas, talhas, qvevris...), always with a gastronome's taste for freshness and a master technician's pursuit of balance.

Raul is only just getting into his swing as a solo winemaker, but already his palominos and tintillas seem like Jerez through the looking glass. They defy what you would expect from a region so long defined by Sherry - by fortification and extended ageing. His restless spirit also takes him into other regions of Spain (Extramadura), even Portugal (Alentejo), to make fascinating cross-region blends – a nod to his work in Australia. 

Oh yes, then there are his Francophile wines made with syrah, chardonnay and pinot (yes, in Jerez). If you get the chance: taste these. 

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