What is it you're doing again?
The old nomadic winemaking lark. In collaboration with winemaking friends around the world, I’m making wonderful, handmade wines exclusively for wine lovers in the UK. I choose interesting grower-producers and lesser-known regions, then head off to work on harvests, learn all I can and make a wine, under guidance whenever necessary.

What are TFWATH wines like?
That varies, depending on where I am, which grape variety I’m using and the wine styles of the winemakers I’m working with. The aim though is to work with as little intervention as possible in order to reflect the terroir of wherever the wine is made.

Are they natural wines?
This is an ambiguous term I try to avoid. Strictly speaking, for a wine to be ‘natural’, it would have to be bottled without any manipulations and no additions (stabilising agents, acid, sugar, enzymes, yeasts, preservatives, etc, etc) whatsoever - including sulphur dioxide, which is added to 99.9% of wines, even those labeled as 'natural'. I prefer the term ‘minimal-intervention’. This means spontaneous fermentation, natural stabilisation, minimal sulphur and no fining or filtering. Some of my wines have no sulphur added, but the aim is minimal intervention.

How can I buy them?
A few ways. Here via my online shop, in person at one of my London markets (currently Lloyd Park E17 and Crystal Palace Park, but see @tfwath on Instagram for updates). Also from a handful of independent wine shops and good restaurants where I’m trying to blag a free meal.

What if I don't like them?
A small part of me will die inside. Besides which, please contact me and let me know why. I want these wines to be enjoyed and I wouldn’t sell any wines I didn’t think were enjoyable to drink. If you would prefer more information about the wine before you buy, just email me at darren@tfwath.com. TFWATH is dealing in small batches of wine with a necessarily limited number of customers, so I am committed to offering a personal service to anyone interested in buying my wines to ensure they have trust in the wines I’m selling. If you suspect there is a problem with the bottle, please contact me and we will arrange a return and refund without fuss. 

Is there a charge for delivery?
Delivery is FREE on orders of £150 or more. Under £150 there is a delivery charge of £15.00 per order (mainland UK).

What’s the benefit of being a TFWATH mailing list subscriber?
I'm so glad you asked. Subscribers to my mailing list will be the first to find out about my wines and will be given first dibs of all the wines I make. Subscribing to the TFWATH mailing list will, I hope, open a window to many wine discoveries. You’ll also get access to pre-arrival order discounts, and news about tastings and other events.

I have a friend who might be interested…
Brilliant. If you get them to email me at darren@tfwath.com stating that they came from you, or if they sign up and you send me a quick note to let me know they’ve come from you, I'll give you a 10% discount on your next order. So please do recommend.