The Finest Wines Available to Humanity is me taking my love of wine too far. I work on harvests with winemaking friends around the world to produce low-intervention wines that highlight special, unsung grape varieties and terroirs.

2019 Bío-Bío país + Roberto Henríquez

200-year-old país on black basalt sand on the bank of the Bío-Bío river.

2018 Bairrada baga + Sérgio Silva
(Niepoort Vinhos)

Biodynamically farmed baga on chalky clay soil. Vines aged up to 100+

After working as a wine writer and helping on harvests for a few years, I’d been playing with the idea of making my own wine. During harvest 2018, I was busy on the processing floor at Dirk Niepoort’s Quinta de Nápoles in the Douro Valley. One day I mentioned in passing to Dirk that, next year, I wanted to make some baga, and could he give me some tips on where to find good grapes. “Yes, but why leave it till next year? That’s a year wasted,” he said.

A few days later, Dirk’s Bairrada winemaker, Sérgio, was driving me west, first to Dao and finally to Bairrada, where I made my own 2018 baga. That’s how it started. Since then I’ve made two more wines: a país with Roberto Henriquez in the Bio-Bio valley of southern Chile and a listán blanco with Viki Torres on the Canary island of La Palma. My plan is to continue working on harvests with winemaking friends around the world and, with their help, making my own TFWATH wines.

Always made from organically farmed grapes and made with minimal intervention, these will, I hope, be wines worth talking about, and which will make the drinker curious about the grape varieties, the regions and the winemakers that inspired them.

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