The Finest Wines Available to Humanity is me taking my love of wine too far. After several years of writing about the stuff and mucking about on harvests, in 2018 I took the plunge (and the pumpover and the footstomp) to become a nomadic winemaker.

Since then I've been travelling across two hemispheres to work on harvests with winemaker friends and produce my own range of collaborative wines - all for sale exclusively in the UK. I hope these wines will make you want to discover more about the winemakers, grapes and terroirs that inspired them.

Click the 'Shop' link for more information about the wines. The ones I make are at the top of the list and labelled 'TFWATH'. The rest are made by winemakers working like me, whose wines I want to shout about. Most of these are exclusive imports.


Minimal-intervention wines made by me or by winemakers whose wines I want to shout about.