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TFWATH Tumbleweed 2020

TFWATH Tumbleweed 2020

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A monastrell 'almost rosado, almost red' made in collaboration with Julia Casado in her modular winery at Finca La Junquera in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia.

This is the first no-added-sulphur wine I've made. I love rosé but always prefer them with more complexity and concentration. Most rosés which are not made as a by-product of red wines are made with red grapes which are directly pressed, or given a very short maceration of perhaps two or three hours.

For the Tumbleweed, I left the grape skins to macerate with the wine for 14 hours (it was supposed to be 12 but I lost track of time). This gave it its deep pink colour, its rich fruitiness and texture. The wine was fermented in unlined Spanish tinajas (amphorae), then aged in a Flextank egg.

Sweetly fruited, funky and complex with refreshing acidity and a hint of spritz. Notes of sweet strawberry, kirsch, garrigue and iron.

13% vol.

Unfined and unfiltered. 75cl. Contains sulphites (but none added).

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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