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Strange Grapes Pipeño Pastiche 2020

Strange Grapes Pipeño Pastiche 2020

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This refreshing skin-fermented wine is a 50/50 blend of moscatel and corinto (aka chasselas). The moscatel was from a no-till coastal vineyard in La Union owned by grower Soledad Camaño - the only organic female grower Alice knows of in the region. The corinto was from a non-certified organic vineyard owned by Juan Ignacio Acuña in Guarilihue.

‘Pipeños’ are the traditional jug wines of southern Chile and this is Alice’s homage to them.

Musky citrus oil aromatics and notes of windfall orchard fruits. Skinsy with a sweet-savoury palate and a chalky grip.

11.8% vol.

Unfined and unfiltered. 75cl. Contains sulphites (<25ppm).

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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