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Strange Grapes Frutilla Aquí 2020

Strange Grapes Frutilla Aquí 2020

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A glou-glou co-ferment of país and moscatel. Grapes were hand-picked, destemmed and co-fermented with about 20% whole-bunch. Open ferment (a sheet to keep out the flies) and hung out on skins for a couple of weeks after primary finished. Pressed to tank and aged in barrel. Litre bottles for jugging from.

"The wine came into itself at strawberry harvest," Alice says, "and all the locals have their hand-painted 'strawberries here' signs all over town. The wine reminded me of green strawberries and I wanted a completely local label for a very local wine. Traditionally pipeño often blends red and white grapes."

Earthy, juicy, rustic and glugglable on a hot day. Fruity with red strawberry and pomegranate, and aromatic with muscat-y notes of bergamot and lavender. Serve chilled on its own, or with cheese or charcuterie.

11.8% vol.

Unfined and unfiltered. 75cl. Contains sulphites (<25ppm).

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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