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Raúl Moreno La Pretensión 2022

Raúl Moreno La Pretensión 2022

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Phenomenal skin-macerated, terroir-driven moscatel. An old Moscatel vineyard on albariza soil (moscatel is usually planted in sand, which produces a more aromatic wine). in Las Tables, pago Balbaína, Jerez. Manual harvest in several passes, fermentation with skins and stems. To achieve a gentle extraction, the whole bunches spent a week under carbonic fermentation. Two pigeages a day and pressing with 60% press extraction. Maturation in 350l Cognac barrels with full lees. Biological ageing with a veil of flor.

Raúl's note:

"Moscatel with a mineral core where the citrus fruit and fleshiness are enhanced by peach and apricot. Marked tension between acidity and sandy phenolic character. It's a terroir wine where the rhythm is carried by the soil and the moscatel is simply a transmitting vehicle that provides us with structure."

ABV: 12%

Organically farmed grapes.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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